Corporate social responsibility

We take our responsibilities seriously

‘The continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large’.

It means a lot to our team.

#TeamWaltons as a business, and individually, are dedicated in helping the local community, charities and causes close to our hearts.

We regular take part in and sponsor a number of fund raising events and activities.

We’re proud as a business to be committed in helping various charities and causes, and we’re so proud of our team, who as individuals, volunteer their precious spare time, working alongside various local community groups, close to our hearts. 

  • Trustee of a local charity (a number of our team have taken on this role for various different charities)
  • Treasurer of a local charity (again, various members of our team carry out similar roles).
  • Coaching under 14 football team, committing 4-5 hours a week over evenings and weekends. 

The above are a few examples. 

We encourage green travel, including walk to work, share a car, and the benefit of secure bike parking facilities here at Maritime House.

We’ve been striving to be “paperless” office for many years.  We professionally destroy confidential waste, which is also recycled and we have facilities within the office to encourage recycling wherever possible.

Hopefully we’ve piqued your interest?

We’re a really friendly bunch and would love to hear from you.

We won’t bog you down with technical jargon. We like to keep things simple and to the point.

Get in touch to arrange a no obligation meeting and we can have a chat about your future needs.

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