Brexit update: New rules – Government Guidance

Jan 19, 2021 | Blog


The UK and the EU agreed future trading terms of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The UK has approved the agreement and it came into effect provisionally on 31 December 2020, whilst awaiting the EU to take steps to approve it.

See the agreement here:

Brexit: new rules – Government guidance

The Government has updated its guidance on the new rules that apply to travel and doing business with Europe. Clearly there are problems with the administration just now and we will keep you up to date of any issues as they arise.

You can check using the website below on what you need to do differently if you are:

·        importing goods from the EU

·       exporting goods to the EU

·       moving goods to or from Northern Ireland

·        providing services to EU countries

·        travelling to the EU

·        living and working in the EU

·        staying in the UK if you are an EU citizen


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